Star City School District Registration & Enrollment


All registration and enrollment is completed online.


We are glad you are joining our Bulldog family.

Before you complete the online registration process you will need the following:

  1. Official Birth Certificate or another form of identification

  2. Identification number (a social security number or school-assigned number)

  3. Completed immunization record: CLICK for immunization information

  4. AR Employment (Migrant) Form - Must complete Download form first, complete it, save it to your device. You will upload in Powerschool.

  5. Home Language Survey - Must complete. Download form first, complete it, save it to your device. You will upload in Powerschool.

You will need to download the Migrant and Home Language forms prior to beginning the online process. The forms allow you to complete them online and save them to your computer. When you are completing your registration, you can upload them at the appropriate time.

Additional Information needed


The following is required if you are enrolling in the district for the first time:

Proof of Residency: Personal property assessment and one of the following: utility bill, rent receipt with current date; lease agreement with current date; dated contract for the purchase of home; or dated contract for closing on the construction of new home. Those who do not live in the Star City School District may select the SCHOOL CHOICE OPTION.

If you do not have a device or internet to enroll your child, please contact Star City School District at 866-446-3647. We will be glad to assist you.


You will need the following to complete your online registration:

  1. An email address. You will use this same email each year. We will send your access snap code each year to this email address.

  2. When you access the online system for the first time, you will create a user name and password. Please save this information. You will use this information each year to update your information in PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Online Registration

After you submit your student's registration online, the record will be processed and reviewed by the school secretary. You will be contacted by the school secretary if we need more information from you.



There are additional resources available to students/families who meet the following criteria:

  • Are living in shared housing due to loss of housing, economic situations, waiting on housing, providing care for family, loss of employment

  • Living in temporary housing or inadequate housing

  • Homeless

Complete this form Residency Form (Download the form, complete the form and save it to computer), and email to gina.richard@starcityschools.org, McKinney-Vento Liaison.

Mainline Health Systems Form`s can be found here: https://www.mainlinehealth.net/contact-us/school-based-health-center-consent-form/ Download and print if needed.

ABC Enrollment & Application