Jimmy Brown Elementary Teacher Kim Madar Named Star City Educator of the Year #WhateverItTakes

Star City, AR - During the Annual Star City Chamber Banquet last Thursday, January 23, 2020 Jimmy Brown Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Kim Madar, was named Star City Educator of the Year. Star City Superintendent, Jon Laffoon, introduced Mrs. Madar as a very deserving recipient of the award. “A humble servant, never wanting accolades for anything… let it be noted that she doesn't like the attention she is about to receive.” She has devoted 23 years to the children in the community, with 4.5 additional years in the Grady School District. 

A staple at Jimmy Brown Elementary, Mrs. Kim Madar has the opportunity to work with children as they begin their K-5 journey in the Star City School District. She cares for her students, loves them and wants to see every child succeed. Her craft is working diligently to ensure they are learning and gaining the skills that will prepare them for the next 12 years and beyond.

JBE Principal Kari Newton stated, “I have known Kim for the entire 23 years she has taught at JBE. I have known Kim as a fellow teacher and now as her supervisor. In both roles, she has always been a professional. Her genuine concerns for the students is evident in everything she does. She is a true asset to JBE.”

Kim has taught the children of Star City for many years. She has always been open and honest with parents, works with each child and is a positive leader for our students and teachers. While she does not like to be in the "spotlight" - AT ALL, she has many great ideas that she shares with her colleagues, but does not seek recognition for them. She loves her students and her commitment to her students is evident everyday! In fact, on more than one occasion our principals have had to tell her to go home during the summer… her commitment is undeniable. 

It is the Star City School District’s honor to announce Mrs. Kim Madar as the Star City Educator of the Year!